Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate - Everyday Baby
Silicone Suction Plate

Silicone Suction Plate

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Color Soft Yellow

Everyday Baby Silicone Suction Plate is designed to keep the mealtime as smooth as possible for both you and your child. The strong suction cup on the bottom of the plate prevents it from slipping away and sliding off to the floor when the toddler eat by itself. Four sections of the plate make meals easy to portion and assort and come in helpful for the toddler to eat by themselves.

Smart suction cup on the bottom of the plate makes it stuck to the table, which helps toddlers eat by themselves. Read more about how to prevent children from flipping plates.

The four practical compartments make it easy for your child to eat, but also come in helpful for portion and organizing the food.

Everyday Baby silicone suction plate is designed to fit all even surfaces and is suitable for all tray tables on the market.

The product is made of 100% food-grade silicone. Silicone is a non-toxic material made from nature resources. Silicone has a natural resistance against bacteria, which makes it safe and hygienic. It is free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPF, BPS and phthalate which means the product can be heated and washed without harmful substances leaking from the material.

  • Microwave safe: Yes
  • Oven: No
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Boiling and steam sterilization: Yes
  • Temperatures: (-40 °C to +220 °C)

Tested by TÜV Rheinland. The product is carefully tested to ensure that the material and function provides right quality.

Everyday Baby - The Healthy Brand. We use the best materials available to create the healthiest products for your baby and child - for a good and healthy life.

One package includes 1 Silicone Suction Plate.

DIMENSIONS: 186x186x25 mm
WEIGHT: 231 g
MATERIAL: 100% Silicone
COLORS: Rose Pink, Mint Green, Quiet Grey, Nature Red, Soft Yellow, Light Lavender and Harmony Green.
STERILIZE Must be washed and sterilized before first use. Place the product in a large pot of boiling water, cover with lid and boil for at least five minutes. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS Clean after every use. Safe for dishwasher, boiling and steam sterilization. Hand wash: Thoroughly clean the plate with water and detergent, rinse well. After cleaning, place the product in a ventilated area where it can drain and dry properly. STORAGE Store the plate in a closed space at room temperature.
WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE A PLATE MADE OF SILICONE? Silicone is a material that reduces the risk of bacterial production because it does not absorb water. In addition, silicone does not emit harmful substances as plastic does. DOES THE SILICONE PLATE CONTAIN HARMFUL SUBSTANCES? Our silicone plate with suction function is made of 100% premium quality silicone and is designed to make the meal as smooth as possible for you and your child. Like our other products, it is tested to meet our high standards of durability, safety and function- all in order for you to feel confident that your child is getting the best. And of course, the plate is free from BPA, BPS, BPF and phthalates and other substances that can harm your child. DOES THE PLATE FIT ON OUR BABY’S TRAY TABLE? Yes, the plate fits on all highchairs with a tray table. HOW DOES THE SUCTION CUP WORK? Our silicone plate has a smart suction cup on the bottom which makes it stick to the table surface, which makes the plate sit in place and facilitates when your child will learn to eat by itself. To enhance suction and help keep the seal tight, be sure to firmly press the center of the suction cup all the way and keep firm pressure to ensure all the air bubbles inside are released and a vacuum is created to firmly seal the cup to the surface. DOES THE SILICONE PLATE ATTACH TO ALL SURFACES? The plate attaches to most table materials with a smooth surface. Make sure that the surface that it’s suppose to stick to is a flat/polished material. For example, most of the high chair tray’s on market works fine. WHY DOES THE SUCTION CUP NOT STICK PROPERLY? Some surfaces don’t work well for suction cups. Before application, start with a clean surface, and make sure it’s completely smooth and even- not rough or textured. Suction cups stick better when they are completely clean and dry. Then make sure that you press firmly from the middle inside to ensure that no air bubbles are trapped between the surfaces and there is a tight seal to create the vacuum suction. Like all suction cups it’s weaker sideways. The suction plug is strong upwards, but laterally ours as well as other suction plugs, are not as strong and even a child can move it sideways but still not lift it up. HOW DO I REMOVE THE SUCTION PLATE FROM THE SURFACE? To remove or re-position the cup, it can easily be released by simply individually pulling the easy-release tab to break the suction. This eliminates damage to the cup edge. WHY IS THE PLATE DIVIDED INTO FOUR SECTIONS? The plate’s practical division into four sections facilitates eating for your child, but also for you when you are preparing and organizing the food. DOES THE PLATE NEED TO BE STERILIZED? Before using the plate for the first time, it needs to be sterilized. We recommend putting the plate in a large pot of boiling water, then cover with a lid and let boil for at least 5 minutes. CAN THE PLATE BE HEATHED IN THE MICROWAVE? Yes, the plate withstands microwave. DOES THE PLATE WITHSTAND DISHWASHER? The plate is dishwasher safe and withstands high temperature sterilization. If washing by hand, wash the plate thoroughly in fresh water and washing-up liquid. Then rinse in fresh running water to remove all foam and detergent. The plate should be cleaned after each use. Make sure it dries thoroughly. If any moist remains it can cause mould and fungus. HOW DO I STORE THE PLATE? Store the plate in an enclosed place at room temperature. Do not leave the plate in direct sunlight for a long time as it can damage the product. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I REPLACE THE PLATE? Always check the plate before use. If you see any cracks or other damage to the plate, discard immediately.

Our Why

Everyday Baby started with the idea of changing our industry from the ground up. We want to be an inspiring force that challenges and shakes up the universe of baby products. All to make it easier for you as a parent to choose healthy and safe alternatives – and ultimately create a better world for all children.

Yes, we know we've taken on a big challenge. But we're just like most other parents out there – a little worried, very engaged, and always on the lookout for the best for our little ones. We know that parents seek security and quality – we want to do right and choose right for our children who can't choose for themselves. That's why we see the choice of materials as an opportunity to together create a sustainable and healthy future for our little ones. Health means different things to everyone; for us, it's that we don't take chances with what ends up in our children's bodies.

Therefore, our vision is a society free from uncertain plastic in baby products. Where the first choice for parents is glass baby bottles – whether they come from us or someone else. We want to create a positive change, one glass bottle at a time, and hope that you want to join us on this journey.

Andreas Bengtsson, Dad to Milton 8 and Ellie 5 and Co-founder of Everyday Baby