Summer heat and hot days – things to remember for your child, right sunscreen

We all yearn to enjoy the warm days of summer. But it’s important to keep in mind that although the sun’s light and heat can be beneficial to body and soul, the sun’s rays are not so healthy. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy the summer with your children, without exposing them to risk.

Through the sun’s rays, our bodies absorb much needed vitamin D, and being in the sun during the day helps us sleep better at night. But the sun also emits harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which children are extra-sensitive to, and although it’s very unusual for children to get skin cancer, having sunburns as a child can increase the risk of it later in life.

Remember that the sun can be dangerous even if it’s cool outside. The same applies if it’s cloudy: even the thickest clouds let an enormous amount of UV rays through, so you should protect your child no matter what.

A cool tip for an older child is that they can keep track of the sun’s strength by looking at its shadow: if the shadow is short, the sun is strong, and if the shadow is long, the sun is weaker.

Children under one year of age

Children under one year of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all. Keep your baby in the shade as much as possible and dress your child in cool, full-length clothes and a sun hat. For times when it’s difficult to keep the baby shaded, be sure to keep high SPF sunscreen cream on hand, and slather any exposed skin areas.

Right Sunscreen

Even for older children (and adults!), clothes and a sun hat are the best skin protection. Any body parts not covered by clothing, such as the hands and face, should be protected with sunscreen. It’s a good idea to apply the cream a while before heading into the sun, and then apply another layer, a little more thickly, to achieve the effect indicated on the bottle.


Sand and water reflect the sun’s rays and make them stronger, so if possible, children should avoid bathing in the middle of the day, when the sun is strongest. Bring a parasol or tent to the beach that shields and protects against the sun. In this way, the children can play in the sand without you having to worry about sunburns.

Choose the right sunscreen, remember to use a waterproof sunscreen, and to add a new layer whenever necessary. It can be difficult to know when it’s time to add more, and that’s why we added a special sunscreen indicator to our newest product SunHero that shows you exactly when you need to add more sunscreen. This unique indicator is a very small patch that you simply place upon your body where it’s exposed to the sun, and when it’s time to add more sunscreen, the patch will let you know by changing colour!

SunHero is water resistant and can be used even when bathing. Enjoy the summer and the heat without letting your skin get hurt!


For more information about SunHero:  https://everydaybaby.com/collections/sunscreen-indicators

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